No Hollywood ending

The Sioux Center, Iowa, boys lost in the first round of the Iowa State Basketball Tournament last night.

By 1 point.

After a technical foul called because a Sioux Center player didn’t leave the court fast enough after his fifth foul.

I know how disappointed the town must be. The boys assistant coach missed the last part of the season when it was learned his leukemia had been diagnosed.

Grant Vietor had hoped to attend, but Monday it didn’t sound like it was possible.

Even though I only spent a short time with Coach V. and his wife, Bonita, I know they will come up with the right words to make the boys  understand that winning the game would have been nice, but better lessons can come out of this experience.

It sounds like the lessons took. As someone posted on CaringBridge early this morning: Thanks Coach V for the Wonderful Basketball Season! I to learned a lesson of Faith,and how to over come Obstacles,and get a Victory I hope anyway!

Update: Coach V. did get to go to Des Moines and he was sitting with the team and coaches. And three Avera McKennan nurses traveled to Des Moines and were there to help.