Movie previews

You’re getting this week’s movie previews early because A) I forgot them last week (that’s what happens when you don’t have to be camera ready) and B) I’m not working the rest of the week. There’s a wedding in the family, so I will NOT be in a movie theater. But I’ve seen one of the six movies opening here this weekend already; more on that later.

Argo is the movie I’d go see if I had time to go see a movie this weekend. If I knew about this piece of American history before, I’ve forgotten that I ever knew it, if you can follow that. Like Apollo 13, even though you know it will have a happy ending, I think you’ll still be caught up in the story.

Here Comes the Boom stars Kevin James and that weasely guy from “Ally McBeal” (don’t judge me. I quit watching in Season 2 or 3). He stars as a biology teacher who becomes a mixed-martial arts wrestler to save extracurricular activities at his high school. And because this is Hollywood, Salma Hayek plays his love interest.

The Master comes to Sioux Falls. It was big news two weeks ago, but I think now Argo will overshadow it. However, with Philip Seymour Hoffman in it, along with Joaquin Phoenix, it’s still a worthy contender for your movie-going budget.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower also finally reaches Sioux Falls. Harry Potter fans can get their Emma Watson fix (I almost said Emma Thompson. Oops, betraying my age) with this film about an introvert dealing with first love, a friend’s suicide and his own mental illness. My life exactly except for the parts about first love, a friend’s suicide and, I think, mental illness.

Seven Psychopaths comes from the writer and director of In Bruges, which surprised me by how much I liked it, and also stars a Shih Tzu (yes, I deliberately chose a photo that doesn’t look like a fou-fou dog), so I’m sold. As pluses, it has Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell and Colin Farrell.

Finally, there’s Sinister, the only movie I’ve already seen thanks to an advance showing brought here by CinemaFalls and local filmmaker Carlos de Leon. It’s a horror movie with surprisingly little blood and profanity that stars Ethan Hawke. I’m OK with that. I just wish people had been a little more scared. It reminded me a bit of “The Shining” (book, not movie which was badly cast) in that there’s an author who desperately has to get over his writer’s block. And is a jerk of a husband. I got a free movie poster at the preview. If you like it much, much more than I did, you can have my (slightly crumpled) poster.