Movie previews

Chasing Mavericks appears to be nothing more than an inspirational sports movie, although the sport this time is extreme surfing, nothing as mundane as football or baseball. Gerard Butler plays the mentor/father figure for a young protégée based on a real-life surfer. I doubt the movie will make waves (sorry, bad pun), but it might be a harmless way to pass time.

Cloud Atlas gives me a headache, and I haven’t even seen it yet. Nor I am likely to rush to the theaters. I think I am too deeply shallow to grasp what this movie is about, and I’m not going to plop down $9 for a movie that makes me feel this way. Plus, it has an awful lot of Tom Hanks, and while I like Tom, I can’t stand when he does dopey voices (that’s what kept me from Forrest Gump  — see, I told you I was shallow).  

Need a Halloween movie to get you in the mood? You do? Seriously? Well, then YOU might want to try Fun Size, a movie about a girl who loses her younger brother on Halloween night. She gets a gang together to track him down, and hilarity ensues. Or not. I’ve been wanting to see Adventures in Babysitting again (why isn’t THAT on TV every week?), and I’ll just keep waiting for that.

There is a town that hell calls home, says the teaser for Silent Hill: Revelation. And no, it’s not Pukwana. Instead, father and daughter have traveled to many places under a mysterious cloud until settling somewhere where the daughter develops awful nightmares and misplaces her father. It’s got 3D in the title, and that’s often not a good thing. It’s also apparently a video game, definitely (in my world) not a good thing.