Movie previews 11/23

If you wore a fashion the first time around, like a miniskirt, you’re not supposed to wear it when it reappears. I think the same adage applies to movies. If you saw the original, don’t both with the remake.

That explains why I won’t be the first person in line for Red Dawn. I saw the original with Patrick Swayze and C. Thomas Howell (whatever happened to him?) and so I’m in no rush to see a remake with Chris Hensworth. If you weren’t around in 1984, it’s the story of a group of teenagers who save their town when it comes under attack. The bad guys have been updated to North Korea, but the hunk factor remains the same, except now I’d go see Jeffrey Dean Morgan before Josh Hutcherson.

If you have children, then Rise of the Guardians is designed to give you something to do with them during the Thanksgiving break. Familiar characters such as the Sandman and the Tooth Fairy join St. Nick to thwart a bad guy (not the North Koreans) from taking over the world. The young male animated character has hair much like the female character played by Jane Lynch in Wreck-It Ralph, which I coveted, so I need to be ready for that distraction. I don’t know about this; I liked my fairy tale characters coming to life in the Shrek pictures; this may be a cute idea gone too far.

The Life of Pi looks like the best bet for the weekend if you’re looking for a family film (it’s rated PG, like Rise of the Guardians) and if you appreciated the book. It looks visually stunning, and it’s an arresting tale of a zookeeper’s shipwrecked son, on a spiritual journey in the Pacific Ocean. Plus, it has a tiger.