The Oscars, The Onion and me

I could go on and on about the Oscar ceremony last night, but let me be succinct: I didn’t enjoy it.

Some of the problem was an issue with, apparently, my cable provider. I eventually called Midcontinent, and my customer service rep said they didn’t know what the problem was, but they were trying to fix it.

It’s hard to evaluate jokes when you’ve missed the start, the middle or the end of them.

I’ve never watched much of what Seth McFarlane puts out, so I probably wasn’t predisposed to like him anyway. But I didn’t find him that funny, and yes, I found the “boob” song stupid. By the way, four of the actresses named in the song for showing bare breasts in the movies were playing rape victims. Or is that a pointless distinction?

I actually didn’t see the end of the Oscars, I was that disenchanted. I recorded it and followed along with the top acting prizes, director and film on Twitter after I had crawled in bed. So I’ll be able to watch Jennifer Lawrence’s tumble over and over again. Oh, wait, I can do that when I look up at CNN on the newsroom wall.

I do have one thing left to do this morning that’s Oscar-related, and that’s to protest to The Onion its twitter last night about 9-year-old best actress nominee Quvenzhan√© Wallis. It was incredibly distasteful. I like The Onion for being satirical. I get that The Onion was making fun of a celebrity-obsessed culture. But it could have done so AND used the 9-year-old actor without tossing in that particular word.

If you need to know what I was said, you can find it censored and uncensored elsewhere on the Internet. I don’t even want to link to it.