Movie previews 2/28

In the latest nursery rhyme movie, Jack the Giant Slayer, we get a look at that old beanstalk climber himself. Jack is a young farmhand who, I’m afraid, can’t rival Westley in young farmhand hunkiness. I’ll still waiting for Jack and Jill to make it to the big screen.

21 and Over sounds like it’s aimed and 13-year-olds, and hey, look, it’s rated PG-13. Because that’s the age when kids should see a movie about kids getting drunk and disorderly. (And then tweet the photos on yotespassedout and jackspassedout.)

The Last Exorcism, Part II: Can it BE the last exorcism if it’s coming in parts? Would Part 3 be the LAST last exorcism? Enquiring minds want to know: but not enough to pay to see this movie.