Naked at work

Have you ever been naked at work?

Unless you’re an exotic dancer, the answer probably is no.

I could have answerws “no,” too, until this morning.

Since my house is without power, I decided to use the shower at work. There is a women’s restroom here that has lockers and a handicapped-accessible shower.

I DO have hot water at home, thanks to a gas water heater. But you step out of the shower in a 50-or-so degree house and yowza! Plus, I could NOT go to work with yesterday’s hair. Especially after I slept in a hooded sweatshirt — with the hood up — and then had a stocking cap on while I shoveled the driveway.

So driving to work with wet hair and crossing the street with wet hair and walking in to work with wet hair — not so attractive.

Time to use the work shower, then.

It is a strange feeling to be without clothes in a place you usually spend time fully dressed. And, for a few minutes at least, I’m having a tolerably good hair day.

I do wish I’d remembered to pack a towel, however. Takes a lot of paper towels to get dry.