Virtual choir

In just 50 minutes (or 5 p.m. CDT for those of us who don’t like math), the South Dakota Music Education Association will release a video of a virtual choir.

It is, the SDMEA page assures me, the “world premier.” (I’m just being snarky because I would assume that of all people to know the difference between premiere and premier, it would be artsy folks who HAVE premieres.)

Anyway, what is a virtual choir? “The SDMEA Virtual Choir is a state-wide project to create a user-generated online middle school choir. From October 29th, 2012, you have until 12:00am on January 15th, 2013 to record yourself singing your part of the track “Stand Together” by Jim Papoulis and upload it to YouTube.”

You can hear the bass* portion, for example, here.

Wait, the basses are boring. Try the alto version instead.

*Middle school choirs have basses? Who knew?