Movie previews 6/20

Two movies are pening this week in Sioux Falls, and I’d be willing to go to either one of them.:

Monsters University is a followup to Monsters Inc. Actually, it’s a prequel, showing how Sulley and Mike overcame their differences (a green eyeball and a Yeti didn’t see, well, eye to eye at first? How shocking) to become the good buddies we saw in the first film. Back again as the voices of the two main characters are Billy Crystal and John Goodman.

World War Z tells the story of a zombie pandemic and the end of the world as we know it. Despite the fact that the trailer irritatingly shows only the name of one actor (like I’m going to go JUST because of Brad Pitt), I still want to see this. Primarily because of the book, although I’ve been warned that the movie sticks to the book plot very little.

Here’s another option for you: A chance to see Schindler’s List on the big screen once again and help the Shoah Project.


 Screenings will be part of Classic Series in June Featuring Four Steven Spielberg Films

 Los Angeles - USC Shoah Foundation - The Institute for Visual History and Education is pleased to announce that Cinemark, one of the world’s largest motion picture exhibitors, will be screening Schindler’s List as part of a Classic Series featuring four films of filmmaker Steven Spielberg, with all proceeds from the screenings of Schindler’s List to benefit the Institute. The Classic Series which began on June 2, 2013 also included showings of Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.

Schindler’s List will be shown on Sunday, June 23, at 2 pm, and on Wednesday, June 26m at 2 pm and 7:00pm.  Screenings will be held in participating Cinemark theatres, which can be located by going to  These three screenings mark the only opportunity for the public to see the historic Academy-Award winning film in theatres in 2013. 

Steven Spielberg founded the USC Shoah Foundation in 1994 after his experience making Schindler’s List.  The Institute is dedicated to making audio-visual interviews with survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides a compelling voice for education and action. The Institute currently features nearly 52,000 eyewitness testimonies in its Visual History Archive that were taken in XX countries and xx languages.  The Archive is the largest digital collection of its kind in the world.

Using testimony from the Visual History Archive, the Institute develops teaching tools for educators across the disciplinary spectrum, such as history, civics, English, and other language arts. The Institute also provides professional development to prepare educators worldwide to use testimony in relevant and engaging ways—providing an experience that takes students beyond the textbook. 

IWitness, the Institute’s flagship educational website for teachers and their students, was recently recognized as one of the “Best Websites for Teaching and Learning” by the American Association of School Librarians. The website provides students access to 1,300 testimonies for guided exploration. Students can engage with the testimonies and bring them into their own multimedia projects via a built-in video editor. By combining testimonies with interactive and content-rich activities, IWitness promotes deeper understanding of twentieth century history and development of twenty-first century digital-literacy skills to inspire responsible participation in civil society.