All-time greatest

I’m a sucker for lists, especially those that proclaim the “100 all-time greatest.”

Entertainment Weekly did that with movies, TV, shows, albums, novels and other things.

So I’ve spent time seeing which of their choices I’ve watched, watched, listened to, read or other things.

That’s wrong. I haven’t spent much time on the albums. When you can’t carry a tune, you know there’s not going to be a lot of good albums that you’ve listened to.

I also know I don’t always have a mainstream taste in pop culture. There are movies that I’ve never seen that would surprise you, but they just don’t interest me (“Forrest Gump” is the first one that comes to mind. I have never been able to muster any interest in it.)

I’ll spare you the whole 100, but here are the top 10 in some categories. If there’s an asterisk, I’m seen/read it.


1. Citizen Kane*

2. The Godfather* (mostly. I’ve never watched the whole movie straight through, but I think in the years since 1972 I’ve finally seen it all)

3. Casablanca*

4. Bonnie and Clyde*

5. Psycho*

5. It’s a Wonderful Life*

6. Mean Streets

8. The Gold Rush

9. Nashville (no, but I’ve always wanted to see it, if that counts. I came close to renting it the year I watched a movie an average of every other day, but it was too long and would have thrown off my average)

10. Gone with the Wind*

Total: 7/10

TV shows (for this, I gave an asterisk if I saw a majority of the episodes)

1. The Wire

2. The Simpsons

3. Seinfeld*

4. The Mary Tyler Moore Show*

5. The Sopranos

6. All in the Family*

7. The Andy Griffith Show*

8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

9. Mad Men

10. Your Show of Shows

Total: 4/10 (I did better on the top 25 — 13/25 — although I didn’t count Saturday Night Live because while I watched it for years, it was many seasons ago that I gave up on it. I also watched less than half of Lost during its run from 2004-2010.)


1. Anna Karenina

2. The Great Gatsby*

3. Pride and Prejudice*

4. Great Expectations*

5. One Hundred Years of Solitude

6. My Antonia*

7. The Harry Potter series

8. The Rabbit quartet (what’s with these multiple books? I read a couple Rabbits but not all of them)

9. Beloved*

10. Charlotte’s Web*

Total: 6/10 (This is where I have my biggest quibble. To Kill a Mockingbird is No. 13? I don’t THINK so. Also, the intro said “We’ve tried not to have the lists entirely dominated by artists like the Beatles and Dickens and Hitchcock, so in those cases, and a few others, we had to pick the best of the best,” but Dickens gets two in the top 25 and Dostoevsky gets two — Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Kramazov.)