It takes a special breed to work with middle-school kids. I’m not that special. I find them scary, what with all those raging hormones and all the changes they’re going through.

They also can be very funny. This morning I was at Meldrum Park, talking with the mural painter Dave Loewenstein (story will appear online later. I’ll link to it then).

Two boys from the neighborhood showed up. They were obviously regulars, and Loewenstein knew their names.

He gave them a pep talk about making sure that no one desecrates the mural when it’s done, and they agreed they would be on the lookout.

Then they said someone had tried to start some of the equipment that stands on the site (designed to lift the background painters up off the ground). They went on and on, sharing details such as the fact the offender had used a screwdriver to try and start the equipment.

In fact, they had so many details, one might suspect they were there. Or they knew the offender quite well.

And that’s why I also find middler-schoolers funny. They can’t keep their mouths shut for anything.