Rescue dogs

As someone who currently has two pre-owned dogs in her home (and two pre-owned cats), I am a big believer in rescue dogs as pets.

I’m also not going to condemn the Obamas for not getting a rescue dog when they added Sunny to the family, joining Bo, their 4-year-old Portuguese water dog.

They have a daughter allergic to many dogs, and they know this breed won’t set off her allergies. And you’re not going to find a lot of dogs like Bo and Sunny in an animal shelter.

Plus, they did make a humane society donation in Sunny’s honor. They’re doing something to help out other dogs.

What really irritates me is those who suggested that because both Obama dogs are black, that proves the president and his family are racist. (Imagine if they’d adopted a female white dog, the spin that would have been put on that).

It also irritates me when it’s suggested that Sunny’s arrival was a P.R. move, and no other president’s pets ever became the topic of discussion. Um, Fala (Roosevelt)? Checkers (Nixon)? The beagles Him and Her (Johnson)? Barbara Bush’s dog that “wrote” its own book?

Get a memory, folks.