Classic courtroom excuse

I don’t usually promote other newspapers, but this story and the final quote from the Mitchell Daily Republic MUST be shared:

A judge Tuesday in Mitchell ordered a man to avoid impregnating women.

Judge Tim Bjorkman’s list of conditions for suspending Carlos Claudio’s prison time included standard items, such as the paying of court costs and fines, and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

There was also a rare stipulation:

“You will use your best efforts to avoid procreation while on probation,” Bjorkman said.

Claudio has three children with three women, which Bjorkman said places extra financial burden on Claudio, preventing him from being able to pay costs and fines on time.

“Do you think it’s reasonable to stop having children while on probation?” Bjorkman asked Claudio.

“Yes. I never planned to have kids, really. It just came up,” Claudio said.