And South Dakota’s best pizza …

is found in Arlington. Seriously. According to Zagat’s, and another one of those “Best XXX in Each of the 50 States” lists that are designed to inform, irritate, infuriate and generate page views.

The choice for South Dakota is here. But if you want the surprise ruined, it’s the surprise pizza at BellaLuna. The article says, “The wood-fired pizzas at this Arlington specialty pie shop debunk the idea that there’s no authentic pizza in the Mt. Rushmore state. Varieties like goat cheese and basil pesto, Thai chicken and mushrooms with truffle oil will please any discerning palate. But the surprise option allows you to sample whatever ingredients are freshest that day - plus, it’s so much more fun when you don’t know what kind of pie you’ll be getting.”

I’d click on the link anyway, just to see the photo, which shows, well, the pizza mostly obscured by a huge hand. And a pizza that looks like it has orange slices on it. And a crust that looks burned. I’m not saying the surprise pizza at BellaLuna isn’t the best in the state. I’m just saying the photo could have been a lot better.

UPDATE: I’ve been told by someone who’s had it that it’s mostly sold at farmers markets. And the crust is supposed to look that way.