Another good spam letter

My answer to question (v) would be “Heck, yes, for 12 million pounds I’ll have sex with you.”

Hi. My name is David Ashcroft, and I am a previous lottery jackpot winner of a Ј12.3million GB Pound jackpot held in May ‘97. Take a look at this: XXX.

You see, I have never been a very materialistic person. I do not see the need for lots of money. I am happy being able to provide myself and loved ones with what we need, and that’s about it. I believe there are lots of other people who need this money more than I do, hence I have made a very random decision that will benefit a lot of people. After simple investments have produced quite favourable results, I have decided to give back to the community, by giving out my initial win amount; ?12.3million GB Pounds.

 I personally oversaw a random electronic selection of very random email addresses from all over the web and your email address fortunately turned up my grand prize winner of ?2 million GB Pounds! Congratulations. Let me have the following details to put this into effect:

 i) Full names

(ii) Nationality

(ii) Country of residence

(iv) Occupation

(vi) Age

(v) Sex.

 Sincerely yours,

David Ashcroft.